Working with James on my first two books was a pleasant and educational experience. I love how James takes the time to explain the reasoning behind his edits, particularly when they’re common mistakes I make in my writing. I feel that James is genuinely invested in improving an author’s writing career – not just the current manuscript. He took the time to learn my stylistic habits and provided an equal measure of constructive criticism and praise. I’ve always felt it is important to stress what a person is doing well along with what they can do to improve; James utilizes this method of coaching flawlessly.


James, is a conscientious guy…sometimes, too conscientious, but he’s worth every dime. We can’t do without James. Give him a try. I’m Bob Miller


James is a great writer and together we crafted an amazing story to write. He completed it superbly, was immensely helpful on edits and things turned out great at the end.


James delivered more than I could have imagined. His expertise and manner of communication was exceptional. I gave him a difficult task and he handled it with aplomb. No doubt I am a better writer and operator for my experience with James and I remain excited about the opportunity to work with him in the future. I recommend working with James wholeheartedly!


James is an exceptional editor; communicative, informed, timely, and insightful. I learned a lot from him about writing, which was an absolute bonus. James is a pleasure to work with.